Important Things To Consider When Buying A Wireless Extender


Do you have weak wireless signal at home? It is frustrating to deal with weak Wi-Fi signals most of the time. You sit and work at different places of your home. It is hard to place the router at the right place every time. Also, the Wi-Fi black spots are caused due to the distance from the router, interference and thick stone walls. To avoid this problem, you can buy the wireless range extender.

To improve your Wi-Fi signal, you can place an extender in your home when there is weak Wi-Fi signal. You should not place the extender far away and ensure to keep it near the main router. You can check the official website of Wi-Fi Extender Central to know more about the wireless Extender. You can find the reviews of the top wireless extenders preferred by many people in 2016.

The wireless extender is a small device used to improve your Wi-Fi network and transmit again so that you can get a decent signal, even when you are far away from the router. To set-up the extender, it is not required to be a technical know-how person. It is a simple and cost-effective solution to your network problems. Before shopping for the extender you must also verify whether your router is in good condition. If it becomes old, you can replace it with a new one.

If you have decided to buy a new extender, then you must consider the points mentioned below while shopping for a new extender.

The first think you have to check is the standard of extender which your router supports. It is not worth to buy the latest standard extender if your router does not support it. Another important thing is you must buy the extender which supports the maximum speed of your router. Even if you buy an advanced extender that has the potential to broadcast more speed than your router, you router will never gain any advantage from it.

You can have an option to buy a single band extender or a dual band extender based on your router. If your router is dual band then you can buy dual band extender or otherwise you must choose the single band extender which is cheap and also able to cover the Wi-Fi coverage.

The next important factor is the security standard of your Wi-Fi connection. You must prefer the latest Wi-Fi protected Access (WPA) version which is an encryption method that protects your Wi-Fi network and avoids anyone from accessing your network. If you are using an old version router without WPA then you must upgrade your router.

There are two important aesthetic designs of extenders to choose from the variety of models available. You can buy an extender which can be plugged directly into the outlet or you can buy an extender which looks like a router with its own power supply and aerials.

To set up your connection easily, you must know your SSID or network name and password. You can find this information on the back of your router. You don’t have to spend much amount to buy a decent wireless extender. You should find the best seller who sells the quality extender at a fair de

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