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How To Choose The Best Motherboard

bordSerious gamers never let shoddy and cheaply assembled gear ruin their chance to gain a historic victory while playing their favorite computer game! Imagine playing the latest fast-paced game, and losing to some geek, not because he displayed superior gaming techniques, but because he invested in a better gaming device than you. It really hurts, right?

Not anymore!Always go through websites dedicated to the nitty-gritty of gaming, like ratedgamergear.com before venturing out to buy yourself any gaming gears or devices. According to www.computerworld.com, a lot of aspects need to be considered while assembling the perfect gaming computer, the chief of which is the motherboard.

A Quick Recap- What’s A Motherboard?
If you are a novice to the world of computer gaming, then be prepared – You will need to meet the dame who makes it all happen! The motherboard is the Big Mama of computing. The CPU might have the honor of being hailed as the brain, but she is the heart of the computer! The motherboard has the very important task of transmitting data between all the components of the computer. It is the point where the RAM, Graphics Card, Central Processing Unit (CPU) all meet.

Serious gamers need to invest in a compatible motherboard, that really enhances the performance of the machine, thereby enabling the player to have a great gaming experience.

Given below are a few pointers we gathered from the experts in the field. Use it while hunting for a good motherboard.

Know which type of Motherboard your processor is compatible with. There are actually 2 types of motherboards- AMD & Intel. The former is compatible with AMD CPUs, while the latter works with Intel processors. However, while choosing the type of motherboard, it is not enough that you go according to the type of processor your device is equipped with. You will also need to match the processor interface, or simply the socket. The newer models come with a different socket type than the older models, so you need to be extra careful, and match the socket of the processor with your motherboard.

The size of the Motherboard matters too. This aspect is technically known as Form Factor. There are 2 form factors that are currently popular. The first is the ATX. The ATX motherboard is really common, and is bigger than the other form factor, the Micro ATX, also known as mATX. The mATX are a popular choice as well as they are a bit cheaper, however, they come with fewer features than the ATX. Bear in mind, the ATX motherboard will not fit within the mATX case, but the reverse is possible.

The motherboard you choose needs to be compatible with the RAM. Consider the RAM type, speed, number of slots and capacity, while selecting the motherboard, as this has a direct relation to the overall performance of the gaming machine.

Most gamers thrive on online gaming sites. While choosing the motherboard, gamers need to take this factor into consideration. Most motherboards come with LAN support, however, only a few provide WIFI support. Don’t worry if you bought a motherboard that has no WIFI. Just buy an add-on WIFI adapter, that enables you to play-on-the-go.

Take these into consideration, and you are on route to gaining a fantastic gaming experience!