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How To Buy The Best Gaming Mouse?

gaming mouse

The computer gaming market is the battle place for computer gaming accessories such as gaming mouse. Some mouse manufacturers offer better features in a single mouse at reasonable price while some other makers fix high price on their mouse and thus it becomes more challenging to choose a right mouse based on your gaming requirement. You can find below the tips on selecting the best gaming mouse for your gaming style and requirement.

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You should consider major four things when selecting a gaming mouse.

First you must think about the computer games you mostly play. Do you often play RTS, RPS or FPS games? If your answer is FPS then you must look into the mouse that provides wide DPI options, comfort and quality switches. The mouse designed for FPI has high precision, as well as lighter for jerk responsiveness.

If you play games like MMO or RPG then you should prefer a mouse with huge number of programmable buttons with DPT that fits your playing method. The mouse used for playing these games has various buttons so that you can program to get the control over the game and spells in. These mice are good for spelling using fingertips.

Most gaming mouse available on the market has laser sensor technology and it works efficiently on any surface type. The only drawback in this mouse is the high level of lift-off distance than the traditional optical mouse model. Some laser mouse manufacturers overcome this pitfall by customized lift-off distance that allows you to modify using software. Some laser mouse models hold dual-sensor that gives higher DPIs.

Normally people hold mouse in any of the two styles. The first style is claw grip and in this style the users hold the mouse by their finger tips mostly in light and small mice. The second gripping style is palm grip where people rest their palm on the mouse top and it is suitable grip for large mouse. Some mouse type fits for both type of grip and some is suitable for any of the above one gripping style.

Do you like to use wired or wireless mouse? Most of the gaming mouse are wired model but the recent use of wireless devices push the users to buy wireless mouse.

The last thing you want to think when selecting a gaming mouse is your personal preference. The aesthetic taste of every person is different and that will affect the buying decision. Based on your interest, you can give importance to functional preference or flashing lighting on the mouse. Thus purchasing a gaming mouse is based on your own taste, style and preference.